About Us

Company Profile

The Royal project started primarily as a solution for foreign companies (especially from Spain) which choose to develop on the Romanian market, to establish legal personality, get to know the market and specific customs of the activities developed in Romania.

Consultancy: we support foreign companies to implement in Romania, we offer technical support for preparing the technical and administrative documentation in order to participate at public tenders, we identify potential partners among Romanian companies to participate in public tenders in the form of business associates.
We provide services such as translations, interpretation, human resources, fiscal and judicial consultancy.

We also offer advice regarding funding opportunities for businesses. We have a team of professionals ready to answer and resolve any challenge.

Consultancy in renewable energy, aeolian energy, photovoltaic, hydro, biomass.


Company’s goal

The target market is represented by Spanish companies seeking to streamline their business through internationalization with the goal to implement on the Romanian market in order to undertake especially construction works having as advantage characteristics such as professionalism, training and last but not least the needed experience.